Arlington Alfresco

Arlington Alfresco Extended to November 16
Posted on 11/05/2020
Arlington Alfresco

The Village is excited to announce that Arlington Alfresco, the popular and successful outdoor dining program held in the downtown and at several restaurants outside of downtown, has been extended until November 16 or the first snowfall, whichever comes first. The program could be extended again if the weather cooperates!

The program, which allows restaurants to extend outdoor seating into the right-of-way in the downtown or in parking lots of other restaurants, started in June and was previously extended to end on November 9. Given the warm weather forecasts, the participating restaurants have said they would like to extend the program. The program will end when there is snowfall and/or weather no longer warrants an outdoor dining program.

Reservations are encouraged for those interested in dining at Arlington Alfresco. Following guidelines of Restore Illinois, groups of people should be limited to 6 or fewer for dining. 

When visiting Arlington Alfresco, please follow the COVID-19 health guidelines, such as not entering the zone if you exhibit symptoms related to the virus, do not congregate in groups of more than 10 people, follow the 6-foot social distancing guidelines and wearing face coverings within the Arlington Alfresco zone is highly encouraged as a way to slow the spread of the virus.

In addition, when visiting the downtown Alfresco zone, please do not bring any pets into the area, walk your bicycle, and do not rollerblade or skateboard through the zone. In regards to alcohol, no open alcohol can be consumed in public spaces, which includes Harmony Park and the pedestrian walkway. Also, no open alcohol can be taken outside of the Arlington Alfresco zone.

For those preferring to use curbside pickup for dining or shopping, there will be designated areas at the entrances of Arlington Alfresco, on the first floor of the Vail Garage and in a nearby parking lot. Delivery services for businesses and residents living within the zone will also have designated areas. Several changes have been made to allow for 2-hour parking in Lot E, along Davis Street, and on the first floor of the Vail Garage. ADA parking spaces have also been located near each of the four entrances to Arlington Alfresco.

Village staff will monitor the program and continue to make accommodations when necessary. Entrances to the Vail parking garage and to parking lots and garages of condominium or apartment buildings within the zone will remain accessible.